Peat Production
Management System (PPMS)

For the last 5 years, IntelliTech has been actively collaborating with different peat producers,
which led us to the development of an innovative Peat Production Management System (PPMS).
This system helps to analyze production volumes, organize your workforce as well as
it ensures meteorogical and GIS data integration.

We believe that this system is a major step forward for the future of sustainable peat production.
Our clients have also confirmed that this solution has help make their lives and operations much easier.
This unique management system helps teams analyze every process in a more effective and efficient way.
As a result, you can use the data to optimize how peat production is done.

Automatized production
processes management

We have developed an automatized production process system for one of Latvia's leading wood processing company SIA "Kokpārstrāde 98". This solution gives an immediate production boost, decreases the "human factor" and eventually saves a ton of time.


The main problem that company had was that many vital production data is not available immediately when needed. A lot of tasks overlay each other and eventually decreases the productivity of team.

Our solution

By integrating our IT solutions into their production processes, we created a system in which all the necessary production data is available immediately regardless of the location.

For example, we integrated “staff terminals” in which employees provide the system with all the necessary information - production volumes, inventory balance, working hours and even tasks done during the day.

In other words, this solution is designed to control and monitor the whole production cycle, starting with an employee working time registration and ending with an accounting of the produced goods. The possibilities are endless.

Employee time/tasks
done tracking system

Payroll needs to be calculated according to the actual hours worked. Not on scheduled hours or individual estimates of how long a particular employee spend on the job.

Our employee time tracking system ensures complete employee overview - from job task, work site, and delivery. With our system, you will get a complete overview of your employees and ease the work for the management.

Meteorological data

It is vital for production companies to implement disaster information management and decision support systems. In cooparation with comapny SoilTech, we can provide you with the equipment which can be used to detect meteorological tendencies. All the meteo data is provided to you instantly via smartphone or PC.

We have also integrated this solution into our PPMS, which helps us to provide your company with even more precise information. This solution is already approved by several multinational companies.

To find out more, please contact us to get your free demo access.

GPS tracking tool

A governmental sector company needed a solution, with the possibility to track their inventory in case if there is a potential danger (stealing, breaking etc.,). We implemented our solution into the car tier blockers, which warns in case if there is unauthorized actions happening.

This solution has helped many times for multiple companies and the best thing is that this solution can be adjusted to every business needs.

Electronic cash register (ECR)
centralized data analysis tool (Lapsa)

We can provide your company with the most innovative cash register data analysis tool. This is a real-time online monitoring tool which gives you a complete overview about all of your transactions, reflects the workload of the cash registers, notifies in case of unauthorized activity and warns if encashment is needed. Consequently, this tool provides your company with a full cash register financial statement.